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This page will show a list of end user wish list for Gimias.


The main goal of a user is to easily perform a Clinical workflow: The sequence of operations that start, for example, with clinical data (complying with standards relevant for privacy, security and ethics) and, by using the tools and models, end with a clinically useful diagnostic index or treatment strategy


  • Reduce number of clicks
  • Improve help: When the user needs to interact with the data, selecting a point, help him on what keys to press
  • Workflow: Provide a clear information about the current step of the workflow, the pending steps and automatically go to the next one


  • Visual selection of data objects
  • Undo/Redo for all operations
  • SCRP: Functionality for scripting, macros and video generation. Be able to save steps and reproduce it to reach a certain point in a workflow. Be able to use VTK and ITK filters
  • Restore points: restore and save all plugin configuration parameters. Restore and save rendering properties of data entities