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For Users

This plugin allows to retrieve and send data to a remote computer. Two new entries will be added to the File menu: Open Remote Data and Save Remote Data.

The supported protocols are:

For Developers

As an example, you can take a look at SendSpaceReader and SendSpaceWriter.

For each protocol, there is a DataEntity reader and a writer. Both should be configured to read/write any kind of data:

m_ValidExtensionsList.push_back( ".*" );
m_ValidTypesList.push_back( Core::DataEntityType( 0xFFFFFFFF ) );

When reading, there are three steps:

  • Remote file is transferred to local computer using a specific temporal local folder with a unique ID
  • Local file is loaded into memory
  • The output DataEntity is published
  • Temporal folder is removed

When writing a file, these are the steps:

  • DataEntity is saved in a temporal folder
  • Local file is transferred to remote computer
  • Temporal folder is removed