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* [[HowToCreateYourLibrary | '''Library''']]
* [[HowToCreateYourLibrary | '''Library''']]
* [[HowToCreateYourPlugin  | '''Plugin''']]
* [[HowToCreateYourPlugin  | '''Plugin''']]
* CommandLinePlugin
* [[HowToCreateYourCommandLinePlugin | '''CommandLinePlugin''']]

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This section describes how to integrate in GIMIAS a new Third Party (your external library or dll ).

Create Folders and Templates

In order to generate the folder structure and the basic files needed for your new third party, run the StartNewModule tool from the installation path.

1. Specify the name of the new third party in the Name field (e.g. MyThirdParty)

2. Specify the path where the new third party will be created in the Root path field (e.g. MyProject/MyProject_src/thirdparties)

3. Select ThirdParty in the Type combo box

4. Specify csnMyProjectToolkit.py in the Toolkit csn file field

5. Press Start New Module

StartNewModule fields for new thirdParty

The tool will create a new folder ’MyThirdParty’ in ’thirdparties’ folder. The content of this folder is shown in figure

The new third party will also be added to the python file csnMyProjectToolkit.py.

Content of the new third party folder

Include your library files

The library that you want to integrate in GIMIAS, should at least include the following:

• Main header file (MyThirdParty.h)

• Dynamic library (MyThirdParty.dll)

• Import library (MyThirdParty.lib)

To include MyThirdParty within the Third Party libraries, you need to copy your library header file in the folder /MyProject/MyProject_src/thirdparties/MyThirdParty/include, and the .lib and .dll files in /MyProject/MyProject_src/thirdparties/MyThirdParty/lib.

Now you need to edit in MyThirdParty folder the CMake and CSnake files needed to configure the project:

• CMakeLists (used by CMake): The CMakeLists.txt defines the paths of the libraries and the include files and the libraries to be included. Add here the name of your lib files for the release and debug version.


• csnMyThirdParty.py (Used by CSnake): Add here the name of your dll files for the release and debug version.


Build the third parties for the new project

Use CSnake to build the solution containing your new third party. Open CSnake and configure it as in figure

Build the third parties:

1. press Update and select the Instance myproject

2. press Configure Third Party Folders

3. press Launch IDE

4. compile the third parties in Visual Studio

Config CSnake

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