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In order to generate the folder structure and the basic files needed for your new project, run the StartNewModule tool from the installation path (or from the src path in Linux).

1. Specify the name of the new project in the Name field (e.g. MyProject)

2. Specify the path where the new project will be created in the Root path field (e.g. your local drive)

3. Select Project in the Type combo box

StartNewModule fields for new Project

The tool will create a new folder ’MyProject’. The content of this folder is shown here

MyProject Folders structure
Gimias Folders structure

This structure is quite similar to the one of Gimias. The two key files you should know in this structure are the and the In the first one you will add automatically the definition of every module you create with StartNewModule. Every time you want to use one of the modules (thirdParty, plugin or library) you created you will have to be sure that your csn file have the line from csnMyProjectToolkit import * . The second file is more about building a solution starting from Gimias and adding your plugin, every time you add a Plugin it will automatically be added to this file too. This is the file you have to choose in the CSnake instance if you want to build a solution that contains both Gimias (OS ) and your plugins.

csnMyProjectToolkit with definition of every module

Set up your environment Now you can open the CSnake and add your source folders like in the following picture, remark that is very important not to have the same build folder for the different thirdParties.

CSnake Configuration

Next Steps: