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Required Tools

Before checking out and building GIMIAS, make sure that you have installed the following tools:

Note Note: Visual Studio compiler

If you want to compile GIMIAS for 64 bits, you need to select this option on the [Visual Studio Setup].

If you don't have a comercial version of Visual Studio, you can use the free one [Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express].

Here you can find the service pack for VS2003 and VS2008:

Be sure that your Visual Studio has service pack installed. You can see it on menu Help->About:

Visual Studio 2008 with SP1 Visual Studio 2003 with SP1

GIMIAS source code

GIMIAS source code can be downloaded from:

Download the source code into a folder of your local computer without spaces, like for example C:\Code\src\GIMIAS_1_4.

Note Note: SVN repository and zip file
We recommend you to use the SVN approach because it has several advantages, like easily switch to a new GIMIAS version, sending patches about changes. Next section describes how to check out GIMIAS from the SVN repository. As an alternative, GIMIAS source code can be downloaded as a .zip file. In this case, download the source code and unzip the file in your local directory (e.g. C:/Code/src/Gimias_1_4_1), skip next section and go directly to Next step.

Check out GIMIAS from SVN repository using SmartSVN

If you are using SmartSVN follow the instructions below to checkout gimias:

  • Open SmartSVN
  • Select “Checkout project from repository”
  • In the “Repository” step, select “Quick checkout (less configuration)”

Quick checkout

  • Click “Finish”
  • SmartSVN will automatically do a checkout of the project

Follow the same steps to download source code of GIMIAS extensions from into the folder C:/Code/src/Extensions_1_4

Note Note: SmartSVN configuration

We recommend you to disable automatic refresh on windows activation because it takes a lot of hard disk resources. To disable this option you need to go to the menu Edit->Preferences->Actions->Refresh.

Automatically refresh on SmartSVN

Note Note: Proxy configuration

If you receive an error when trying to check out the code from the SVN URL, but you can access it from your Internet browser, it's possible that you need to configure the proxy of your Internet access. To configure the proxy, you need to go to the menu Repository->Manage profiles. Under the Proxies page, you can add the proxy configuration of your local network. After this, you need to configure the proxy on the Profile page of GIMIAS URL.

Automatically refresh on SmartSVN

Note Note: Transactions

To see all transactions, you need to build the log cache. You need to select this URL:

Log cache

Note Note: Server Timeout

If you receive a time out error when connecting to the SVN server, we advise you to decrese the timeout parameter. The default value is 1 hour but you can set it to 60 seconds. You need to edit the file and add the line:


To find this file you need to check this web page:

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