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== Check out Gimias ==
== Check out Gimias ==
Checkout project from repository URL: https://svncistib.upf.edu/repos/toolkit/gimias/stable/GIMIAS_1_2_1.
Checkout project from repository URL: {{SVN_GIMIAS_Stable}}/GIMIAS_1_2_1.
== Configure CSnake ==
== Configure CSnake ==

Latest revision as of 06:55, 27 June 2012

This manual is meant to be used for Gimias 1.2.1 release, for previous manuals contact the mailing list.

Required Tools

Before checking out and building GIMIAS, make sure that you have installed the following tools:

  • SVN client (i.e. TortoiseSVN or SmartSVN)
  • CMake 2.8
  • Python 2.6 ( or 2.4 or 2.5)
  • wxPython (corresponding to your Python version)
  • CSnake 2.4.0 ( that you can find [here])


1. Check out Gimias from repository with svn client

2. Configure CSnake

3. Option 1: Automatic Build

4. Option 2: Follow manual Steps

Check out Gimias

Checkout project from repository URL: https://svn.gimias.org/svn/toolkit/gimias/stable/GIMIAS_1_2_1.

Configure CSnake

Options Tab

Option Tab

Context Tab

Context Tab

Select Projects Tab

Select Projects Tab

Option 1 : Automatic Build

Once that you have configured CSnake you can click on Configure All button in order to build automatically everything. This will take a while.

Option 2 : Steps

If something fails in the automatic configuration or if you want to follow step by step what it is necessary to be done in the configuration of Gimias follow these steps:

Step 1 Configure ThirdParty

Step 2 Compile ThirdParty and Install files

Step 3 Create CMake Files And Run CMake

Step 4 Compile Solution