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Report tool that allows to create a PDF document using text, tables and images.This tool is needed for all clinical workflows being used at hospitals.

You can see a video showing these functionalities here.

For Users

Clinical Report Toolbar

Description: Toolbar to access clinical report features

Author: Albert Sanchez



Add a screenshot to a clinical report

This options allows adding a snapshot of the current working area to a clinical report. You can set the title and some comments.


Add a comment to a clinical report

Add a text comment to a clinical report.


Open clinical report designer

Opens the clinical report designer

Clinical Report

Description: Manages all clinical reports. Shows a list of all snapshots and comments and allows ordering them.

Author: Albert Sanchez



For a new clinical report, you need to set some basic fields: title, author, date and patient information. Bellow you can see a list of all snapshots and comments attached to this clinical report.

When pressing the PDF button, a PDF will automatically be created using all these information.

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