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Working Area is the main user interface area of GIMIAS where the objects are rendered. This component allows creating new working areas using the already available views (3D or 2D) and rendering engines (MITK and CMGUI).

Working Area Configuration

The user can create a working area at runtime. You can add as many views as you need and configure each view independently. All this configuration can be saved into an XML file that will be loaded by GIMIAS automatically next time.

Using the working area configuration widget you can create a new working area, rename it, save it into an XML file and delete an existing one.

Working area configuration


Example 1: How to create your WorkingArea

First of all build your working area using the WorkingAreaConfiguration options:

WorkingAreaConfiguration icon in the Toolbar Menu
ConfigureWorkingArea panel widget

In order to do this:

1. click on Working Area Manager >>> and you will create your empty working area cliking on New and then Rename.

2. click on <<< Configure Working Area where you can chose which type of windows you want to add and to remove

3. go back to the previous tab and Save your workingArea.

Remark: you can also try to create your workingArea taking as an example the existing ones in 'UserName\Application Data\gimias\v1.3.0\WorkingAreas'.

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