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Down sample Vector Field

General Information

  • Type: CLP
  • Category: VectorField
  • Author: Nicolas Duchateau
  • Contributor: Xavi Planes
  • Contact: xavier.planes at upf.edu
  • Description: Downsample/resample a 3D vector field. By default the program reduces the resolution by 50% in each dimension (so a total reduction by a factor of 8), maintaining the origin of the input vector field.



Label Type Flag / Index Default value / Channel Description
Sigma float sig_decrease 100 Sigma for the exponential decrease
Smoothing radius integer V_radius 3 Smoothing radius
Input Vector Field image (fileExtensions=".mhd" type="vector") index 0 input Input Vector Field
Reference VF image (fileExtensions=".mhd" type="vector") RS input ReSample, VFfilename used as reference for size
Output Vector Field image (fileExtensions=".mhd" type="vector") index 1 output Output Vector Field


When resampling a vector field using a reference image of spacing 2, 2, 8, the output vector field will have spacing 2, 2, 8.

Down sample Vector Field


Source code: C++ Source code and XML description

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