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Error recovery

When GIMIAS starts, sometimes it crashes because there's an error in the config.xml file or a plugin crashes when loading it. To fix this issue, GIMIAS will log the status of the Kernel when starting and next time it's started will show an error message to the user and will allow to configure it again.

ErrorLoadingPlugins.png ErrorLoadingConfig.png

Custom Application Wizard

In order to configure a new external application, you should open the Custom Application Manager that is located in the menu Edit->Custom App Manager.

Custom application wizard

In this window you can manage new external applications: create, edit, delete, or import.

Here you can watch an example video on how to use this feature, here:

Custom application Warp

When editing a custom application, you will see this window:

Custom application wizard

It allows you to configure the general description of the executable, the parameters and the inputs/outputs.

The executable will appear in the Plugin selector, in the menu Edit->Preferences.

Custom application plugin selector

You can load the plugin and use it as a standard command line plugin, with automatic GUI generation. For example, for the external application warp.exe, this is the GUI:

Custom application Warp

To execute the application, you can configure the inputs/outputs and then press Apply. You can also expose the application using WebServices_Plugin

stereoscopic 3D

Added option to visualize images using stereoscopic 3D.