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Multi threading

Added multi threading capability that allows to execute processing tasks in background, see progress, cancel tasks and show list of executed, pending and tasks being processed. A task is a filter being executed. The same filter can be executed several times, and different tasks will be created.

Multi threading

In the status bar (bottom right) you can see new options.

  • Processing icon: will be active when a task is being executed
  • Cancel button: allows to cancel the current task
  • Task list button: opens the list of all tasks. You can double click on a task to see more details
  • Status label: A label that shows the current task being executed
  • Progress bar

When GIMIAS exits, it will check if there are pending tasks and will ask you if you want to cancel them. GIMIAS will wait until all tasks are cancelled.

All data being used by a tak, cannot be unloaded or used by other task at the same time. You will receive an error message.

You can configure two parameters, if you go to the menu Edit->Preferences->Global:

  • Enable multi threading
  • Number of allowed concurrent tasks
Multi threading configuration

Multiple processing

Added a new feature that allows to execute a filter multiple times for 3D+T input data. For each time step, the filter will be executed.

To configure this option, there's a new button at the right of the input data selection control.


Using this control, you can select the data you want to process.

Remote execution using SSH

  • Now is possible to execute tasks in a remote computer using SSH protocol. This is useful for two main purposes:
    • Execute applications that can only be executed in Linux, like FSL
    • Execute long processing tasks that can take several days to be executed like computational fluid dynamics simulation

You can read more in SSH Plugin

User interface usability

Main window

You can press F11 to maximize the main window and remove the caption bar. When main window is not maximized, the coordinates and size are stored in the configuration file. Next time you start GIMIAS, this configuration will be restored.

Search processing tool

Added possibility to search a processing tool using the name. You can also see the history of last used tools.

Typing a word in the search box, you can find easily the processsing tool you need
The two buttons at the left allow you to see all processing tools by category or see the history of last used filters

Automatic Updates

Added automatic updates feature. Now, you can update the version of any plugin or the GIMIAS kernel libraries. These fetaure allows to update the users with new version of your plugins and update the users with new plugins.

Check for updates

When GIMIAS starts, it will check if new updates are available. You can modify the settings in the Preferences dialog.

Update preferences

When new updates are available, you will see a message:

New updates are available

You can click on the toolbar icon and a new window will be shown that allows you to select the desired packages.

Toolbar icon
Update dialog

You can see brief information about each package and select or deselect these. Once you have finished, you can download and install.

Download and Install

When the user clicks "Download + install", GIMIAS will be closed and the WebUpdate application will download and install the selected packages. Once it's finished, GIMIAS will be restarted again.

Advanced options

There are some advanced options:

Update advanced options

These are the advanced options:

  • You can choose the temporal folder where to download the selected packages
  • When your computer is inside a private network and you are using a proxy to access Internet, you need to configure the proxy settings
  • For specific GIMIAS package servers, you can specify the authentication settings
  • You can add more update sites. For example, you can configure your own server to update the users with new package updates


Added XNAT functionality that allows to connect to a remote XNAT database.

You can read more here XNAT Plugin

GIMIAS 1.4.2

Manual Segmenation Plugin

Added new interactive component for this plugin. You can read more information in Manual_Segmentation_Plugin.

Clinical Report Plugin

Report tool that allows to create a PDF document using text, tables and images. This tool is needed for all clinical workflows being used at hospitals. You can read more in Clinical Report Plugin.

Remote Data Plugin

This plugin allows to retrieve and send data to a remote computer. Two new entries will be added to the File menu: Open Remote Data and Save Remote Data. You can read more in RemoteDataPlugin.

Security Plugin

It allows a security control of any connection node define under GIMIAS (XNat, PACS, SSH, Unicore...). You can read more in Security_Plugin.

VRML files

Added the possibility to read/write VRML files in MITK plugin.

VRML objects

The reader will read all surface meshes and add them to the data tree, using the material properties stored in the VTML file.

The writer will write the selected surface mesh and all the children without any rendering property.