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Load and save metadata tags

Now is possible to save all properties attached to a Data object loaded in Gimas and recover them back next time you open the data file. All properties are saved in a XML file that is human readable in the same folder of the data file. The extension of this XML file is “.gmi”.

Take into account that the XML file also stores the Rendering properties like opacity, look up table or colours. You can save the session and when you open it again, all rendering properties will be restored.

Loaded session with different rendering properties automatically restored like surface mesh opacity

Multiple Rendering Libraries

Added the possibility to use multiple rendering libraries. Now GIMIAS supports MITK and CMGUI.

You can read more here CMGUI Plugin

Import configuration wizard

Added a wizard to import configuration from an old GIMIAS version.

Import configuration wizard.

In Windows, GIMIAS configuration is stored in the user home folder "Application Data" (for example: C:\Documents and Settings\xplanes\Application Data\gimias\v1.3.0). For each GIMIAS release, a new folder will be used and the user can choose to import configuration from a previous version. If this process fails, next time you start gimias, the user will be notified and can avoid importing a previous GIMIAS configuration.

The imported configuration will contain: - Generic configuration - Workflows - WorkingAreas

User registration form

Using this user registration form, we can support you better and improve new GIMIAS features.

User registration form.

Plugin configuration

You can select the folders that will be scanned for plugins when starting GIMIAS. To access to this window you need to go to Menu->Edit Profile.

User registration form.

Taverna interoperability

Taverna is an open source Workflow Management System written in Java. Interoperability between Taverna and GIMIAS can provide a lot of interesting functionalities for creating medical imaging workflows composed of several filters.

A Taverna plugin has been developed that allows to discover all command line plugins. You can read more here Taverna Plugin