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This page provides you some strategies on how to parallelize your code


Override the method ThreadedGenerateData:

template< class T >
void ApplyMaskImageFilter< T >::ThreadedGenerateData(
  const typename itk::ImageSource<T>::OutputImageRegionType& outputRegionForThread,
  int threadId )

And iterate over the outputRegionForThread:

typename T::Pointer outputImage = this->GetOutput();
itk::ImageRegionIterator<T> itOut( outputImage, outputRegionForThread );
for (itOut.GoToBegin(); !itOut.IsAtEnd(); itOut++)

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OpenMP is a platform-independent API that facilitates multithreading on shared memory architectures. It is integrated into many modern compilers and makes it especially easy to parallelize loops without the need to explicitly manage threads and the communication between them.

Add the following line to the csn file:

# Activate OpenMP support of the GNU compilers (gcc, g++)
myProject.AddDefinitions(["-fopenmp"], _NOT_WIN32 = 1)

# Link your application/library explicitly against GCC's OpenMP implementation (gomp)
myProject.AddLibraries(["gomp"], _NOT_WIN32 = 1)

# Activate OpenMP in Visual Studio
myProject.AddDefinitions(["/openmp"], _WIN32 = 1)

Use openMP in an interation loop:

#pragma omp parallel for
for(int z = 0; z < height*width; z++) 
    pDest[z] = (pSrc[z*4+0]*3735 + pSrc[z*4 + 1]*19234+ pSrc[z*4+ 2]*9797)>>15; 

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Include this file:

#include <boost/thread.hpp>

Create a workker thread class with member function operator()():

class WorkerThread
	WorkerThread( )

	void operator()()
		//Thread execution function

Create several worker threads instances and run them simultaneously:

boost::thread_group threads;
for( size_t iThread = 0; iThread < 4; ++iThread )
	WorkerThread workerThread( );


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