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These tools can be accessed through the menu Tools->Image Processing.

For users

Cropping Tool

Description: Select a volume within the image and do a cropping of the image.

Author: Maarten Nieber, Xavi Planes


  • From the Top menu select Tools->Cropping tool.
  • The Cropping tool will be opened in the Tools widget in the right panel
  • The bounding box will be displayed on the image
  • Adjust the bounding box within the image to select the cropping area. To adjust the bounding box use CTRL+Click to select the yellow balls (when selected the ball becomes red) in the 3D view and drag the balls to move the planes of the box.
  • When the desired volume is selected press Crop in the Tools widget
Cropping Tool

Change Orientation

Description: change the orientation of an image as follows:

  • invert slice order
  • flip up/down
  • flip left/right

Author: Xavi Planes

Change orientation of image

Overlay Images

Description: Align and overlay pre-registered multimodal images.

Author: Chiara Riccobene

Overlay Images

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