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  • Kernel The Kernel class provides access to all static functionalities the application is capable of
  • DataContainer This class contains data shared by all plugins: DataEntityList
  • wxMitkGraphicalInterface This class is the main class in the presentation layer. It implements the ways to access the Graphical interface done in wxMitk. The graphical interface has members for interacting with the presentation layer. It dynamically loads all the plug-ins that are selected for the chosen user profile, and provides access to other managers
  • Environment The Environment class is the backbone of the application. It is responsible for managing the main application loop (the loop that listens for events and calls the handler for these events).
  • Logger The logger tracks down all the errors, warnings and messages history made in Core and stores it to a file for later inspection
  • Settings Store and retrieve configuration data in a platform-independent style.
  • wxMitkApp A version of wxApp is provided for wxMitk



  • BaseMainWindow This is an abstract class for the main window. It is created by the main app.
  • SplashScreen Displays the Core splash screen and allows displaying startup messages.
  • StyleManager The StyleManager class is to provide the style pattern for the look-and-feel of the application. It also provides convenience access functions for retrieving resource files and bitmaps. It is a low level manager driven by the GraphicalInterface class.
  • BaseWindowFactory Repository of all BaseWindow registered to the framework
  • FrontEndPluginManager Loads plugin objects dinamically
  • BaseFrontEndPlugin Base class for the FrontEndPlugin
  • BaseWindow Base Interface for all Gimias Windows.

Plugin Provider


Output Observer




  • RenderingTree Holds all DataEntities rendered in a render window and their specific rendering properties.
  • RenderingTreeManager Stores a list of RenderingTree and the selected one.

Processor Manager


  • ProcessorManager Executes Processors using thread pool pattern or current thread, depending on the configuration of the BaseProcessor.
  • ProcessorThread Execute a BaseProcessor using multi threading restrictions.
  • ProcessorExecutionQueue A queue that executes Processors using thread pool pattern.

Other Classes


  • DataEntityHelper Provides helper functions for working with DataEntities and to retrieve info from them.
  • SessionReader The SessionReader will read all data into Core::DataList that was saved in a previous session
  • SessionWriter The SessionWriter will save all data in Core::DataList on disc and its parent-children relation in session xml file
  • LoggerHelper LoggerHelper provides helper functions for working with Logger
  • PythonScriptingInterface The Scripting interface adds members to call to any interaction with the presentation layer and offers routines to bypass to the application layer. The Python interface offers a scripting language that follows the Python syntax and can call operations from the Core domain. Core+Python scripts are also called by developers as GPS