Gaussian Blur CLP

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Gaussian Blur

General Information

  • Type: CLP
  • Category: Filtering->Denoising
  • Author: Stephen Aylward
  • Contributor: Stephen Aylward
  • Contact: stephen.aylward at
  • Description: Convolves the image with a Gaussian kernel wherein the Gaussian has a standard deviation specified by the user ("sigma") and the kernel width in each dimension is 6 times the standard deviation of the Gaussian. More...



Label Type Flag / Index Default value / Channel Description
Sigma double sigma 1.0 Sigma value in physical units (e.g., mm) of the Gaussian kernel
Input Volume image index 0 input Input volume
Output Volume image index 1 output Output volume


Gaussian Blur with sigma value of 4 applied on a MRI image.

Gaussian Blur


Source code: C++ Source code and XML description

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