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This page is an overview about the connection definitions in GIMIAS. The aim goal of having listed all connections is to identified their common features, in order to get a unique node managment under GIMIAS in the future.

Connection Nodes in GIMIAS

Now (01-2012) the node management in GIMIAS is very heterogeneous. For each new connection defined under GIMIAS a new panel user is created, thus increasing the complexity of the user interaction.

The panel users for node managment are set in the GIMIAS window preferences. As it is shown in the figure below, for each type of connection there is a different panel view for user interaction:


In order to define a unified solution to manage the different connections it is necessary to have an overview about the nodes allready define in GIMIAS:


    • NodeName (call user in XNatPlugin): node identifier define by the user
    • URL: scheme/host:port/path definition, parsed by functions define in the Poco libreries.
    • UserName: identification name of the user that request the XNat connection.
    • Password: access key user to XNat


    • HostName
    • Port
    • UserName
    • Password


    • Called:
      • AE Title: The Application Entity (AE) that is the intended acceptor of the service request. It is based on the Destination DICOM Application Name.
      • AE Address:
      • AE Port:
    • Calling:
      • AE Title: The Application Entity (AE) title that initiates the DICOM messaging service request. It is based on the Source DICOM Application Name.
      • AE Address:
      • AE Port:

Attributes save to configuration file as <variable name="Pacs Called AE">title:address:port</variable>

Appart from the attributes own to each conecction (hostname, IP, port...)