Extensible Input and Output Component

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This component allows to register new readers and writers for specific file formats.

A reader is a specific type of BaseProcessor that takes one or multiple file names and creates one or multiple DataEntity objects. A writer takes one DataEntity object and a file name and writes the data to disk.

Readers and writers configuration

Specific IO configuration dialogs allows selecting the desired fields from a CGNS file and change the frequency of a BrainVision file signal.

When you open a BrainVision file, a window allows you to change the sub sampling factor that will be used when reading the signal data.

Signal reader

In this example, the initial sample rate of the file was 500 Hz and the output sample rate will be 50 Hz.

When you open a CGNS file, a dialog appears that allows you to select the fields you want to load.

CGNS reader

The option “Use compression” allows optimizing the memory when loading data with multiple time steps.

CGNS reader example

UML class diagram and source code

As an example, MITK Plugin contains readers and writers for VTK images, VTK surface meshes or CGNS files.

You can read implementation details in GmIO and see example implementations in MITK Plugin or Signal Viewer Plugin.

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