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This page shows a list of features requested by GIMIAS developers


The main goal of a GIMIAS developer is: "Develop a clinical workflow in the quickest time that meets specifications with the fewest resources, while minimizing risk"


  • Reduce the time to create a plugin
  • Reduce time when upgrading GIMIAS version
  • Improve stability for new GIMIAS version


Check IdeaTorrent here

  • Automated GUI: Create the widgets automatically from a filter source code
  • GIMIAS API: Create a GIMIAS API and assure backwards compatibility
  • Improve testing
  • VTKProcessor wrapper
  • Documentation & class names: UML diagram for Gimias:Core. Rename all classes of Core to gm...
  • Coherence: Standarize code internally: interactors, AcquiredInputControl, DataHandling, Widgets, LUT
  • Add plug-in compatibility with other frameworks like Slicer3, MedInria, cmGUI, GE, Siemens, ...
  • VFLW: Visual work flowing definition framework (cf. MevisLab?). Internal Pipeline architecture: like VTK
  • Multithreading ( Add progress bar for all processors
  • QT: Check what to use from QtCore
  • Subject-Observer: Improve Subject-Observer to allow multiple signal events