Cardiac Initialization CLP

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Cardiac Initialization

General Information

  • Type: CLP
  • Category: Segmentation
  • Author: Sebastián Ordas
  • Contributor: Xavi Planes
  • Contact:
  • Description: Initializes cardiac model position using a set of predefined anatomical landmarks manually positioned by the user.


Several cardiac models can be selected for initialization:

  • One chamber: Left ventricle
  • Full heart
  • Two chamber: Left ventricle and right ventricle
  • Left ventricle and left atrium

You need to configure the folder where these models are stored.

Depending on the model, the number of landmarks that needs to be defined is different:

  • Left ventricle: AORTA, MITRAL, LVAPEX
  • Left ventricle and left atrium: AORTA, MITRAL, LVAPEX

These are the definition of the landmarks:

  • AORTA: Center of the aortic ring
  • MITRAL: Center of the mitral ring
  • LVAPEX: LV apex (endocardial side)
  • TRICUSPID: Center of the tricuspid ring
  • RVAPEX: RV apex (endocardial side)
  • SVC: Superior vena cava
  • IVC: Inferior vena cava
  • CS: Coronary sinus (ostium)
  • RSPV: Right superior pulmonary vein (ostium)
  • RIPV: Right inferior pulmonary vein (ostium)
  • LSPV: Left superior pulmonary vein (ostium)
  • LIPV: Left inferior pulmonary vein (ostium)
  • PV: Center of the pulmonary ring
  • LAC: Left atrium centroid
  • RAC: Right atrium centroid
  • LCR: Left main coronary artery (ostium)
  • RCR: Right coronary artery (ostium)
  • GCV: Great cardiac vein (proximal)
  • PIV: Posterior inter ventricular vein (proximal)

There are two methods for setting the input landmarks:

  • Landmarks position: You can pass directly the position of the landmarks using the coordinates. For example: -28.5355,19.2808,0;-10.026,36.2478,0;57.0711,-16.1959,0; When using 3D+T image, you can select the number of time steps that will be generated and the time step that will be used to place the model.
  • VTK landmarks files: You can pass the landmarks files using VTK format.


Label Type Flag / Index Default value / Channel Description
Cardiac model
Cardiac Model Folder directory --cardiacModelFolder data/Cardio Select the folder where cardiac model is stored
Cardiac Model string-enumeration (One chamber, Full heart,

Two chamber, Left ventricle and left atrium)

--cardiacModel One chamber Select the cardiac model you want to initialize
Landmarks positions
landmarks point (coordinateSystem="lps" multiple="true") --landmarks 0,0,0 Seed point(s) for placing the cardiac model
Number of time points integer --numTimePoints 1 Number of time points of output shape
Current time point integer --currentTimePoint 0 Time point where the landmarks will be used for initialization
Landmarks files
Landmarks files file (fileExtensions=".vtk") --landmarksFile input 3D+T landmarks files in VTK format
Output Mesh geometry index 1 output Cardiac model initialized



One chamber:

One chamber landmarks
One chamber landmarks
One chamber landmarks with model

Full heart:

Full heart landmarks
Full heart landmarks and model


One chamber model


One chamber landmarks and model


Source code: C++ Source code and XML description

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